The holidays are done and it is officially back to work. It gets tougher to finish projects with a job but I was get a few things done over my time off.

The first is a piece inspired by the Hawkman book from writerRobert Venditti and art by Bryan Hitch. This book is so much fun and Hitch’s wide art style makes it even better. I can’t capture the scope of the world that Hitch has created but it turned out pretty good. He is hand carved from basswood and the dimensions are 2″ wide and 6″ tall.

I will upload more of my vacation pieces throughout the week.

The comics I bought last week were Conan book by writer Jason Aaron and artist Mahmud A. Asur and the first three issues of Black Badge (that I found on sale for 89 cents each!!!) by writer Matt Kindt and art by Tyler Jenkins. I really liked Black Badge. There is something about Kindt’s style that pulls me in. I have been a fan for a long time. I believe I had set an unrealistic expectation for Conan. Aaron is a great writer and it would be unfair for me to judge his Conan run on the first issue so I am going to reread it and reserve judgement for another few issues.

Keep your knives sharp and wear your gloves!!

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