Projects for 10/7

Last week was a really productive week. So much so, I completely forgot to do a blog. I finished a bunch of commissions that included a Judge Dredd, Allen the Alien, and a Moon Knight.

I also finished carving five 2″ Batmen (Batmans?). They will be part of a bigger project that I am hoping will be done over the next week or two. Details to follow…..


This coming week proves to be just as busy as last week. I am going to continue on the super secret project by carving five Hulk heads and hopefully start on the remaining characters for that SSP. (Super Secret Project) I am also going to finish dinosaur pieces for my bro Markisan. They aren’t that hard to do but have proven to be difficult to get done. I am also carving a Thor that I will be gifting to someone that I will reveal when it is done. The last thing for the week will be a totem pole that I have been commissioned by a person that wanted his original characters carved in that style. I have so much to do and work has proven to get in the way of all the time that I want to use to carve. STUPID WORK!!!! I also have two pieces that I have been waiting a long time to finish for someone but the request came at a time that I wasn’t doing to well in my personal life. I hope he will understand.

That’s it for the week!!!!! Have a great one!

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