Pull List 1/24/18

Another remarkable week in the world of comics. Is there a week that goes by where there isn’t a new title or another addition to an already great run? Here is what I am planning on getting this week. First are two series that I am so happy with so far and go right to the top of my reading list when they come out.

The next one is a book that at first is strictly because of the title. One of the best titles I have seen in quite some time!


20,000 Leagues

I bought a book the other day for my oldest and I to each read.It is called Nemo by an artist named Bruno. 

It’s based on the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea book by Jules Verne and although I have never read the book, I have seen the 1954 film numerous times. This book is so close to that film and it brought back so many memories of watching the movie as a kid. The graphic novel is beautifully illustrated and reminds me of a cross between Herge and Mignola. It is such a fun read and I am proud that my son has read it around 5 times so far. It feels good to pass that eyes-wide-open fascination that is the underwater world of Nemo to the young lad.

Let’s get started

This is the first post on my new website. It is still under construction as I figure out how to use technology. I am quite comfortable with a knife but find myself struggling with computers. The types of things that I will be posting about are new pieces that I am working on and I will eventually have a store as well…. Fingers crossed. First up is an unpainted Dredd that I finished the other night. I am in the process of painting him now and am typing as I wait for the first coat to dry. As soon as I figure out how to include photos, I will.