This is possibly my favorite piece that I have done:

He will always be Baby Yoda to me! I loved this piece so much that I had decided to make a silicone mold so that I will be able to duplicate him rather than trying to carve him over and over. Here are two of the resin castings:

I haven’t painted these yet and I still don’t know how they will turn out. I am thinking they will be ok…I hope.

I will try to work on them this week!


You live and you learn…. For some reason I have never had a bad experience with the USPS. Many people have, but I have not. For that reason I have gotten into the bad habit of not keeping track of tracking numbers. Again, you live and you learn….. I had shipped some pieces to someone and had complete confidence in the shipping process. I had left the receipt on my table at work without a thought that I would ever have to see it agian. Lo and behold that said receipt would be thrown out and I would actually have need of the tracking number. As of now the package never arrived to the desired destintion and I am left with figuring out what to do. It is basically my fault for not keeping track of the shipping process so I did what anyone else would do…. I made new items for the cutsomer. The items in question are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Here is a pic of them unpainted:

I have loved the way these pieces turn out and have experimented with the way to finish them. I had painted them all with a different green and have painted their respective mask color. They were then finished with a stain and then they had their eyes painted and some highlights as long as some sanding to represent highlights. Here is the finished product:

They turned out pretty cool!!! On to the next piece!!!

Keep carving.


Trying to do this again. I have been completely lax in carving over the past year and I think that is due a lot to having no conventions to get ready for. That changed this month. I am going to be going to Baltimore in October and I couldn’t be more excited. I have started to up my carving output and hope to have quite a few things to bring.

Here is a Conan that I completed recently. It was finished mostly with stain and I highlighted the scars with paint. I am happy with how it turned out.

That is it for now and I will hopefully be doing this more often….


It has been almost a week since HeroesCon ended and I have had a bit of time to decompress before heading into all the commissions that have come in. Looking back at it, it was an amazing con. I only do around one con a year and it is typically Heroes, however, I am thinking that after 8 years, I might want to try and build my brand a bit. I am looking to do a couple more year over year. Here are some pics of pieces I did and the show and a pic of a Conan I did for my favorite Conan artist, Cary Nord.


Coming on the second week of Feb and work has been busy. My carving work hasn’t been too busy due to my regular job. There has been nothing better than getting home and hanging with the kids until they go to bed and hitting the sheets myself shortly after. Although I haven’t been doing a ton of work I have been able to get a few things accomplished.

I had a Batman commission to do and he turned out pretty cool.

I also had a suggestion to do some characters from the Mortal Kombat video game and was able to do Sub-Zero and Scorpion. I would love to do more video game characters and was a genre I never thought to look at.

That was it for the past few weeks! I am hoping to get some things done this week after I get over this oncoming sickness. I have decided to start to do some more bottle stoppers. I have gotten quite a few requests for some so I guess it will be back to carving small pieces.