Sometime in 2011 I finally had enough with toiling in the shadow of my overly-talented wife (which I still am in her shadow and she is still overly-talented) and sought out a hobby to pursue. It was then that I looked to my Scandinavian roots and took a look at wood carving. I bought some wood, got a knife, and dove in to YouTube. After many attempts at Santas and gnomes I decided that this might not be for me. I was trying to imitate what someone else was making and I could not do it as well. Maybe trying out my own style would be the ticket. I dug deep in my almost 40 year obsession with comic books and started to carve super hero heads with a twist. I am a fan of long grumpy faces and found that I loved the combination with super heroes! I was hooked. Spandex Splinters was born!

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