I have been a little preoccupied this week with the impending hurricane that is supposedly coming our way this weekend. After all of our preparations it looks like it might not be that big of an issue. I missed my pull list blog this week but have found that I am buying less and less due to the rising costs. I am normally digital so waiting a couple of months to save some dollars has proven to be the way to go. However, I did pick up the first Spectre trade and cannot wait to dive into that. I did get some projects done this week. We have Atomic Robo (one of my favorite books), Dr. Fate, and a terrible picture of Rook from The Realm.

I am gearing up for another productive week with a possible entry into the Head Lopper art contest and finishing the pieces for the Voracious Kickstarter promos. Wish me luck!!!

Projects for the week of 8/26

Here are some projects that I finished up this week. It has been one of the most productive of the year. I have been in such a great mood this week and my muse seems to understand my schedule.

I am looking to keep the magic going and have started to carve again tonight. On the kitchen table is another character from the comic The Realm. I am also finishing some pieces for my friend’s book called Voracious. I am also looking to do ROM and possibly one other random character. Have an awesome week!!!!

Boba Bats

Finished up a couple of commission pieces this week. I did a 6″ Boba Fett and a 6″ Batman. I have done Batman too many times to count but this is maybe my 2nd or 3rd Boba Fett. I can notice changes in my process in carving Boba Fett and even how I approach the painting. So for this is the one that I like the best but I look forward to giving him another shot down the road. The lighting was pretty poor on Boba Fett but it was late and I was just trying to get a semi-decent photo.


Pull List 8/22/18

Here is my pull list for this week. There are less books which is good because it gives me more time to catch up on other books I want to read. I just restarted reading Atomic Robo and I have also started Superior Spider-Man (which is amazing so far!). SO here are the books in no particular order:

Justice League Dark #2
Amazing Spider-Man #4
Shanghai Red #3
The Fox Vol. 1