The holidays are done and it is officially back to work. It gets tougher to finish projects with a job but I was get a few things done over my time off.

The first is a piece inspired by the Hawkman book from writerRobert Venditti and art by Bryan Hitch. This book is so much fun and Hitch’s wide art style makes it even better. I can’t capture the scope of the world that Hitch has created but it turned out pretty good. He is hand carved from basswood and the dimensions are 2″ wide and 6″ tall.

I will upload more of my vacation pieces throughout the week.

The comics I bought last week were Conan book by writer Jason Aaron and artist Mahmud A. Asur and the first three issues of Black Badge (that I found on sale for 89 cents each!!!) by writer Matt Kindt and art by Tyler Jenkins. I really liked Black Badge. There is something about Kindt’s style that pulls me in. I have been a fan for a long time. I believe I had set an unrealistic expectation for Conan. Aaron is a great writer and it would be unfair for me to judge his Conan run on the first issue so I am going to reread it and reserve judgement for another few issues.

Keep your knives sharp and wear your gloves!!

Projects for 10/7

Last week was a really productive week. So much so, I completely forgot to do a blog. I finished a bunch of commissions that included a Judge Dredd, Allen the Alien, and a Moon Knight.

I also finished carving five 2″ Batmen (Batmans?). They will be part of a bigger project that I am hoping will be done over the next week or two. Details to follow…..


This coming week proves to be just as busy as last week. I am going to continue on the super secret project by carving five Hulk heads and hopefully start on the remaining characters for that SSP. (Super Secret Project) I am also going to finish dinosaur pieces for my bro Markisan. They aren’t that hard to do but have proven to be difficult to get done. I am also carving a Thor that I will be gifting to someone that I will reveal when it is done. The last thing for the week will be a totem pole that I have been commissioned by a person that wanted his original characters carved in that style. I have so much to do and work has proven to get in the way of all the time that I want to use to carve. STUPID WORK!!!! I also have two pieces that I have been waiting a long time to finish for someone but the request came at a time that I wasn’t doing to well in my personal life. I hope he will understand.

That’s it for the week!!!!! Have a great one!

Projects for the week of 9/23

I am still plugging away after a very relaxing/work filled weekend. I have finished a couple of projects over the last week and have a full slate this week. First let’s take a look at the accomplished one.

This is a recent totem pole that will be making into the store when I remember how to do it. It is Avengers themed and goes in top to bottom order as follows: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, Vision, and Hawkeye. Awesome piece to do and am looking for ideas for my next one.

Next is Dr. Fate. I honestly don’t know much about this cat but again was a nice change of pace from my usual pieces.

Next is one of my favorite characters Atomic Robo. I LOVE this guy and had tried him multiple times before but was never happy with how he turned out. This one is different. I like him!!!

The last pieces are ones that I did for Jeremy Haun and are characters from his book The Realm. From left to right are Ben, Rook, and Jonny Eldritch. I could not have been more pumped to do these for a friend and show him support.

For the upcoming week I have quite a few pieces that I am looking to get done. I am looking to do solo pieces of Black Panther and Vision and I have a few commissions to get done. Moon Knight, pieces for my friends’ book Voracious, and an Obi-Wan. Should be a crazy week. We shall talk soon!


I have been a little preoccupied this week with the impending hurricane that is supposedly coming our way this weekend. After all of our preparations it looks like it might not be that big of an issue. I missed my pull list blog this week but have found that I am buying less and less due to the rising costs. I am normally digital so waiting a couple of months to save some dollars has proven to be the way to go. However, I did pick up the first Spectre trade and cannot wait to dive into that. I did get some projects done this week. We have Atomic Robo (one of my favorite books), Dr. Fate, and a terrible picture of Rook from The Realm.

I am gearing up for another productive week with a possible entry into the Head Lopper art contest and finishing the pieces for the Voracious Kickstarter promos. Wish me luck!!!

Projects for the week of 8/26

Here are some projects that I finished up this week. It has been one of the most productive of the year. I have been in such a great mood this week and my muse seems to understand my schedule.

I am looking to keep the magic going and have started to carve again tonight. On the kitchen table is another character from the comic The Realm. I am also finishing some pieces for my friend’s book called Voracious. I am also looking to do ROM and possibly one other random character. Have an awesome week!!!!