Boba Bats

Finished up a couple of commission pieces this week. I did a 6″ Boba Fett and a 6″ Batman. I have done Batman too many times to count but this is maybe my 2nd or 3rd Boba Fett. I can notice changes in my process in carving Boba Fett and even how I approach the painting. So for this is the one that I like the best but I look forward to giving him another shot down the road. The lighting was pretty poor on Boba Fett but it was late and I was just trying to get a semi-decent photo.


Pull List 8/22/18

Here is my pull list for this week. There are less books which is good because it gives me more time to catch up on other books I want to read. I just restarted reading Atomic Robo and I have also started Superior Spider-Man (which is amazing so far!). SO here are the books in no particular order:

Justice League Dark #2
Amazing Spider-Man #4
Shanghai Red #3
The Fox Vol. 1

Small Batman

After taking time off of podcasts and limiting my beer intake after hours I have found a renewed energy towards carving. I have been working slowly on some commissions and today I hit it heavy. This is actually the first time in quite a while that I did work during the day so that my kids could be there. It was my daughter who really took an interest. She started to copy what I was drawing on the wood and even asked to grab hold of a gouge and give it a shot. It was such a rewarding experience to spend time with her in that capacity. While she was sketching her Boba Fett helmet I was busy knocking out another Batman. Here are some photos of that.


Here is the knife that I was using today. It is a Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro. I have had this knife for probably 4 years. It came sharp and remains sharp. It has proved to be a great knife for my needs and is much more portable than any of my other tools.


Here is a picture of the Batman after paint and stain.


Also here is a picture of the Boba Fett I am working on and the sketch my daughter did on another block of wood. She also did all of the sanding on the carved one.


Like I said before, a super fun day with all of the kids and a great time doing some wood carving with my daughter.

Pull List 8/8/18

Starting this up again! Here is my pull list for the week. There is just an incredible amount of great comics that have been coming out this year and judging by Previews, there looks to be no stopping for a while. I also want to note that these are the books I am getting this week but there are more coming out this week that I will have to push off buying until next week. Damn these $4.99 books!!!!!! Here goes in no particular order and yes, they are screenshots of the covers. I am completely inept at computers.