I was talking with a friend today and he mentioned how it seemed that I was making more of an effort to try and market my work a bit more towards the second half of 2021. He also said that it seemed as though I hadn’t had a blog in a little while. It didn’t feel like it had been a while, but dang, it’s been a bit.

Quick update on what has been going on. I had my first comic convention in Baltimore last weekend (10/22-10/24) and It. Was. Amazing. The crowds were great and I had a blast. A friend of mine came in from Chicago and we slang wood in a convention hall all weekend. Here is a pic of day 1:

I had the most pieces that I have ever had for a con and it felt pretty good to be well prepared for once. I was able to pack paint and finish a few pieces while sitting there. Here are a few:

Silver Surfer
Mole Man

With Baltimore behind me and am now looking forward to the Giant Sized Mini Con put on by HeroesCon in Charlotte Nov 6-7. I am super excited for this one and have enough left over that I don’t have to have a be up for too many late nights this coming week. I also have a backlog of around 10 commission pieces to get done. Hoping to knock out some this week. Letting commissions linger is a fault of mine and it just tends to keep putting more and more stress on me. I am trying to get in front of them and then I can focus on getting pieces doen for any cons that I want to do next year.

That’s it for tonight. I will be posting pictures of new pieces as it gets closer to the con next weekend!

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