You live and you learn…. For some reason I have never had a bad experience with the USPS. Many people have, but I have not. For that reason I have gotten into the bad habit of not keeping track of tracking numbers. Again, you live and you learn….. I had shipped some pieces to someone and had complete confidence in the shipping process. I had left the receipt on my table at work without a thought that I would ever have to see it agian. Lo and behold that said receipt would be thrown out and I would actually have need of the tracking number. As of now the package never arrived to the desired destintion and I am left with figuring out what to do. It is basically my fault for not keeping track of the shipping process so I did what anyone else would do…. I made new items for the cutsomer. The items in question are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Here is a pic of them unpainted:

I have loved the way these pieces turn out and have experimented with the way to finish them. I had painted them all with a different green and have painted their respective mask color. They were then finished with a stain and then they had their eyes painted and some highlights as long as some sanding to represent highlights. Here is the finished product:

They turned out pretty cool!!! On to the next piece!!!

Keep carving.

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