Projects for the week of 9/23

I am still plugging away after a very relaxing/work filled weekend. I have finished a couple of projects over the last week and have a full slate this week. First let’s take a look at the accomplished one.

This is a recent totem pole that will be making into the store when I remember how to do it. It is Avengers themed and goes in top to bottom order as follows: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, Vision, and Hawkeye. Awesome piece to do and am looking for ideas for my next one.

Next is Dr. Fate. I honestly don’t know much about this cat but again was a nice change of pace from my usual pieces.

Next is one of my favorite characters Atomic Robo. I LOVE this guy and had tried him multiple times before but was never happy with how he turned out. This one is different. I like him!!!

The last pieces are ones that I did for Jeremy Haun and are characters from his book The Realm. From left to right are Ben, Rook, and Jonny Eldritch. I could not have been more pumped to do these for a friend and show him support.

For the upcoming week I have quite a few pieces that I am looking to get done. I am looking to do solo pieces of Black Panther and Vision and I have a few commissions to get done. Moon Knight, pieces for my friends’ book Voracious, and an Obi-Wan. Should be a crazy week. We shall talk soon!

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